You have a story to tell, but you don’t have the time or experience to write it yourself.

The writing projects I do generally fall within two broad categories—autobiography and biography—and can include memoirs, travelogues, personal histories, memorial tributes, family histories, and genealogical works.


First we’ll meet for a complimentary session to get acquainted and determine if we’re a good fit to work together. You’ll tell me about your project, and we’ll zero in on its scope to get an idea of its overall length. Then we’ll discuss pricing and schedules.

If we decide to proceed, we’ll set up a series of interviews. They are relaxed and informal, more like conversations, really. They usually take place in your home or a place of your choosing that’s private and quiet. If it’s helpful, I’ll send you focus questions to prepare for upcoming sessions. Each interview is audio recorded and usually runs about ninety minutes.

After we’ve completed the interviews, I’ll organize the material so the narrative flows naturally. Then I’ll give you a draft copy to edit as you see fit. When you’ve completed your revisions, I’ll prepare the final draft.

If you’ve done some writing yourself and need help with shaping or polishing your work, check out my editing services. I also offer book design services if you’d like me to prepare your book for printing.

Contact me for pricing information and other details.