It’s true that a picture’s worth a thousand words. In that spirit, here are a few books for you to look at. Contact me to get started on your book now.


Full Circle: A Young Boy’s Escape from Nazi Germany
and His Reunion with Family

Tale of the author’s harrowing escape from Hitler’s Germany thanks to
the Kindertransport, a rescue effort devised by concerned citizens of
the United Kingdom by which 10,000 children were rescued on the eve
of World War II. (Available at


Hear Me!AW, Cover, final, 6.75x9

collection of poems and prose pieces. Reveals the author’s
irrepressible spirit as she reviews her life, exploring the
spectrum of human experience from searing loss to
boundless joy.


MemoirA Memoir

A gripping discussion of the impact of WWII on the narrator’s life
as a young newlywed. Other developments include her decision
to return to school—a lifelong dream—at the age of forty-seven,
and the evolution of her religious faith from childhood to present


Art Sees the WorldArt Sees the World

Observations and recollections of the narrator’s early years, his
military service, career, and family life. Conveys his energetic
personality and devotion to ideals of service and community.

Remembering EvelynRemembering Evelyn

A tribute to the subject’s life, composed of memories, impressions,
photographs, letters, and other memorabilia contributed by her
daughters and her grandchildren.

My Family HistoryMy Family History

First in a series of volumes about the author’s life and family
background, beginning with this genealogical investigation
of his father’s ancestry.