You’ve worked hard on your book. You’ve poured a lot of thought and time into it. Now give your work its due. Present it in such a way that it entices readers to pick it up and look inside. A well-designed book enhances the content, seamlessly presenting the material in a suitable flow.

I use Adobe InDesign desktop publishing software for page layout. It’s a highly versatile and sophisticated program that turns out a beautiful product. If you have photos or other graphics, they can be incorporated into the book design to enrich the written text. Other items can be scanned—letters or postcards, legal documents, maps, newspaper clippings—the possibilities are endless.


Layout and design are the final steps. Before it begins, all the materials need to be gathered and all revisions must be finalized and approved. This includes:

  • written text
  • graphics
  • auxiliary pages or sections, such as:
    Table of Contents


We’ll discuss your preferences for the cover and things like fonts, colors, and page size. Then I’ll design a few pages for your review. With your approval, I’ll lay out the remainder of your book and prepare a print-ready file. I can also arrange printing for you, if you choose.

If you need help with your text, check out my writing services. To help you shape and polish materials you’ve written yourself, I offer editing services.

Contact me for pricing information and other details.