Allison Grosfield

Do you have a book in you? Want to get it out?

Whether you need writing, editing, or book design services, I’ll work closely with you to ensure that the product reflects your voice and your character.



You know what you want to say, but writing isn’t your forte. Tell me what you want during informal interviews and I’ll do the writing for you.


You’ve written some text, but you need help organizing, shaping, or polishing it. I can edit the work you’ve done or help you move forward if you’re stuck.

book design

You’ve finished the text, but you wonder if anyone will actually pick it up and read it. First impressions do make a difference. I can design a book that will draw your readers in and keep them turning the pages.

Don’t let your project languish because it seems too overwhelming. Think how great you’ll feel when it’s done! Contact me and together we’ll make it happen.